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    Organic B Volcanic Lava Pumice Stone Foot

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    • UNIQUE FROM OTHERS : Every stone has a different size, shape and color. Why? These are truly naturally occurring stones that we have hand-picked from the earth to ensure that these stones are not changed by synthetic ingredients.
    • NATURAL EARTH-FORMED VOLCANIC LAVA PUMICE STONES : Free yourself from the harmful toxins of synthetic pumice stones and treat your feet to the safe, naturally occurring lava stones and keep you feet feeling smooth!
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO HANDLE AND USE : Your pumice stone fits easily in your hand, ensuring your exfoliating routine is made as easy as possible.
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    Rectangular Pumice Stone (Foot Scrub)

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    The use of pumice stone to remove feet can be traced back to ancient Greece. It is a natural and healthy way to take care of your feet. It can not only give you a good slide but also promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and improves sleep. Organic B’s pumice stones contain trace elements, it…