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  • Sale! Coconut Scrub Pad (Pack of 5) | Organic B

    Coconut Coir Scrub Pads for Utensils

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    Organic B’s all natural, completely organic, highly recommended coconut coir scrub pad. Made of coconut coir which is basically a waste and usually is either burned or dumped. Coconut coir scrub pad is a perfect way to say thanks to the nature for its beautiful gifts and also a way to save the environment from…

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    Natural Organic Loofah, Body Scrubber/Sponge

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    • Loofah for Body Bath Scrubber( 10 to 15cm Length).
    • Loofah (Luffa) Sponge Bath Shower Body Scrubber Exfoliator.
    • Soak in water to become soft before using
    • Dry in the air after using it.
    • Gently remove dry or dead skin, reduce blemishes.
    • The most natural way to clean your skin to have a long-lasting effect of young, clean, smooth, and rejuvenating feel.
  • Sale! Organic B pumice stone size

    Rectangular Pumice Stone (Foot Scrub)

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    The use of pumice stone to remove feet can be traced back to ancient Greece. It is a natural and healthy way to take care of your feet. It can not only give you a good slide but also promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and improves sleep. Organic B’s pumice stones contain trace elements, it…