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    Jade Roller (Green Quartz)

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    SMOOTHES WRINKLES, REDUCES PUFFINESS, DE-STRESSES: Smooth skin, sharp jawline & stress-free senses. Treat yourself to a full, skin-glowing daily face massage with the compact, efficient, and extremely easy to use Jade Roller. Regular use of the tool on the face helps erase fine lines and diminish wrinkles resulting in a smooth and fresh-faced look. You…

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    Organic B Gua Sha (Green Quartz)

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    Stone: Green Quartz Gua Sha Benefits: Skin Toning, Improves Skin Elasticity, Reduces Puffiness Care: Clean the Gua Sha using water and a damp cloth. Do not use hot water or allow any chemicals to touch the natural stone. Note: Due to natural stone formations, each tool will be unique. Store in a cool and dry…