Wooden Combs Vs. Plastic Combs: Which is Right for Your Hair


Wooden Combs Vs. Plastic Combs: Which is Right for Your Hair

Did you know you can reduce all your hair problems simply by switching up your comb? Yes, besides using hair-friendly shampoos and masks, you also need to pay attention to your combs. 

Wooden hair combs are all the rage this season, and rightly so! It’s hair and scalp-friendly and healthy for your hair and the environment. You should take the plunge and replace your plastic comb with a wooden one. After all, plastic combs are the #1 reason behind hair damage. 

So, if you want to switch your comb or be kinder toward Mother Nature, keep reading as this blog settles the debate.

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What is a Wooden Comb?

Simply put, a wooden hair comb is a grooming tool used for detangling and styling your hair. It’s made of wood and is super gentle on the hair and scalp. It’s often preferred by those who want a more natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic combs. Wooden wide tooth combs are carbon-based natural materials, so they don’t conduct electricity and thus keep your hair free from any static damage.

You can use a wooden comb for hair growth, which helps to distribute oil from your scalp to your hair, preventing your mane from dying out. Expert trichologists stress that wooden combs are “superior” to plastic ones and cause less breakage, reduce scalp trauma, and enhance blood flow.

Benefits Of Wooden Combs Over Plastic Combs

Here are some well-known benefits of wooden combs over plastic combs. 

  1. Gentle on hair: Plastic and metal hair combs have a positive electrical charge, and your hair has a negative electrical charge, naturally attracting hair to the comb and causing static, more popularly known as frizz. This frizz dries out the hair, making it look brittle and unattractive. 

As mentioned earlier, the best wooden combs are made of a carbon-based natural material, just like your hair, skin, and scalp, so they can’t conduct static electricity, keeping your hair free of unwanted frizz. Since wood is a natural material, wooden hair combs don’t stimulate allergies or skin conditions, unlike plastic and metal hair combs.

  1. Promotes hair growth: Because a wooden hair comb feels so nice on hair, we often comb longer. The prolonged combing and massaging stimulates the follicles to produce more hair strands, growing thicker, longer hair.
  1. Healthier for your scalp: A carbon-based wooden hair comb massages the scalp gently without bruising, scraping, or piercing through the skin. The scalp likes the soft feel of the wood, which in turn increases blood circulation and produces healthy oil. The delicate massage of the wood calms nerves quiets the mind, and feels heavenly!

The oils don’t stick to the metal or plastic of a regular comb, so the natural oils of the scalp never reach the ends of your hair. Luckily, that isn’t the case with a wooden hair Comb. Regularly brushing your hair with a neem wood comb makes it less greasy and moisturised. So, if your goal is shiny, bouncy hair, you know which option to go for. 

  1. Prevents tangles and breakage: While plastic combs tend to create tangles toward the end of the stroke, a wooden comb doesn’t. A Neem comb detangles your mane and helps reduce hair fall as it glides smoothly over the scalp and through the hair. Continual application of wooden hair combs limits split ends and excessive hair shedding.
  1. Reduces dandruff and itchy scalp: One of the benefits of using a Neem wood comb by a reliable brand like Organic B is that it helps to reduce dandruff and itching of the scalp. The natural properties of Neem also strengthen the hair and reduce hair fall, leaving you with stronger hair. They’re a natural, non-invasive, and herbal way of keeping your mane healthy.
  1. Removes dust and dirt: An efficient neem wood comb gently removes dust, dirt, and foreign particles that are brushed away from the hair. While plastic combs, with their high-static charge, allow dirt and germs to stick to your strands and spread all over your scalp. 
  1. More durable than plastic combs: A flimsy plastic comb is made to last only a short time. It’s cheaply made, and more often than not, either its handle or teeth fall or break off. While wooden hair combs are extremely strong and durable, they will last years without teeth or handle-breaking. And even if they do get damaged, you always have the option to get them recycled, paying your share of gratitude toward Mother Nature. 
  1. Better for Mother Nature: Plastic combs are, well, plastic. As most of you may already know, crude oil is extracted from the earth(through an unsustainable process in itself) to make plastic. It is then manufactured into plastic in fossil fuel-powered factories that have been a constant source of pollution since their advent.

To make things worse, research suggests that only 9% of plastic gets recycled, proving that wooden hair combs are a better alternative to these enemies of nature. They’re made from natural materials that can be composted or recycled at the end of their lives.

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Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Comb For Your Hair?

Choosing the best comb for your hair can significantly affect your hair care routine. Selecting the ideal hair comb that suits your hair type promotes healthier, more manageable, and stylish locks.

Wooden hair combs are the better choice for your hair, health, and the planet. Consider choosing our top-rated pure kacchi neem combs that encourage new hair growth and reduce dandruff, dirt, itchy scalp, and foreign particles. 

If you’re looking for a wooden comb that prevents tangles and breakage and boosts blood circulation, promoting a healthier scalp, then invest in our handmade rosewood / Sheesham Combs.

Also, our bamboo wooden combs are a great option for those looking for an effective comb that massages and distributes valuable oils from the root to the ends of the hair. They assist in the maintenance of attractive and healthy hair.

All our hair brushes are a zero-waste replacement for synthetic hair brushes. You can decide on the size, teeth, and variant you want, and it will be delivered to you 100% plastic-free!  

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The verdict is wooden hair combs outperform plastic ones. We’re not asking you to throw away your plastic comb if you already have one; that would be wasteful and selfish. Instead, use it until the bristles and handles break off, then switch to a wood comb. You’ll never go back after you’ve made the transition!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking a gentle and effective neem, rosewood/Sheesham, or bamboo wood comb. Our products, packing, and shipping exclusively utilise fair, secure, ethical labour and sustainable materials. We care about the environment and you!

Organic B believes that every step towards sustainability is significant, so we are dedicated to fostering ecologically responsible practises through our products and educational initiatives. By delivering high-quality, organic alternatives to plastic, metal, and other materials that are both effective and environmentally benign, we hope to decrease plastic waste and encourage sustainable living.

With an experienced team, patience, and a trustworthy plan of action, we hope to make a difference. Contact us today to take advantage of our wonderful wooden hair comb and other environmentally friendly products.